Anthony Kossiakoff, University of Chicago 2019 Christian B. Anfinsen Award Winner

The Christian B. Anfinsen Award- Sponsored by The Protein Society, recognizes technological achievement or significant methodological advances in the field of protein science.

The recipient of this award in 2019 is Professor Anthony Kossiakoff (University of Chicago). Professor Kossiakoff’s achievements have had broad and sustained impact through the development of innovative technologies and major discoveries in the field of protein structure and function. Areas in which he has made significant advances in protein science include: pioneering the use of neutron-­crystallography to understand protein structure, dynamics, catalysis and chemistry; determination of the first cytokine-­receptor complex: a structural paradigm for the cytokine family and signaling; allostery in protein-protein interfaces; and development of crystallization chaperones for challenging biomolecules.