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Year: 2017

  • Paduch, M. & Kossiakoff, A. A (2017). Generating Conformation and Complex-Specific Synthetic Antibodies, pages 93-119. New York, NY : Springer New York. [More] [Digital version]
  • SS, R., S, M., A, K., S, K. & AA, K. (2017). targeted rescue of cancer-associated IDH1 mutant activity using an engineered synthetic antibody. , . [More] [Digital version]
  • Sundaram, K. M., Zhang, Y., Mitra, A. K., Kouadio, J.-L., Gwin, K., Kossiakoff, A. A. et al. (2017). Prolactin Receptor{\textendash}Mediated Internalization of Imaging Agents Detects Epithelial Ovarian Cancer with Enhanced Sensitivity and Specificity. Cancer Research, 77(7), 1684-1696. [More] [Digital version]

Year: 2016

  • Dominik, P., Borowska, M., Dalmas, O., Kim, S., Perozo, E., Keenan, R. et al. (2016). Conformational Chaperones for Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins Using Antibody Phage Display with Nanodiscs. Structure, 24(2), 300 - 309. [More] [Digital version]
  • Galilee, M., Britan-Rosich, E., Griner, S., Uysal, S., Baumgärtel, V., Lamb, D. et al. (2016). The Preserved HTH-Docking Cleft of HIV-1 Integrase Is Functionally Critical. Structure, 24(11), 1936 - 1946. [More] [Digital version]
  • Schaefer, Z. P., Bailey, L. J. & Kossiakoff, A. A. (2016). A polar ring endows improved specificity to an antibody fragment. Protein Science, 25(7), 1290-1298. [More] [Digital version]
  • Shao, Y., Huang, H., Qin, D., Li, N.-S., Koide, A., Staley, J. P. et al. (2016). Specific Recognition of a Single-Stranded RNA Sequence by a Synthetic Antibody Fragment. Journal of Molecular Biology, 428(20), 4100 - 4114. [More] [Digital version]

Year: 2015

  • Hornsby, M., Paduch, M., Miersch, S., Sääf, A., Matsuguchi, T., Lee, B. et al. (2015). A High Through-put Platform for Recombinant Antibodies to Folded Proteins. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 14(10), 2833-2847. [More] [Digital version]
  • Mateja, A., Paduch, M., Chang, H.-Y., Szydlowska, A., Kossiakoff, A. A., Hegde, R. S. et al. (2015). Structure of the Get3 targeting factor in complex with its membrane protein cargo. Science, 347(6226), 1152-1155. [More] [Digital version]
  • Rizk, S. S., Kouadio, J.-L., Szymborska, A., Duguid, E. M., Mukherjee, S., Zheng, J. et al. (2015). Engineering synthetic antibody binders for allosteric inhibition of prolactin receptor signaling. Cell Communication and Signaling, 13(1), 1. [More] [Digital version]
  • Stuwe, T., Bley, C. J., Thierbach, K., Petrovic, S., Schilbach, S., Mayo, D. J. et al. (2015a). Architecture of the fungal nuclear pore inner ring complex. Science, 350(6256), 56-64. [More] [Digital version]
  • Stuwe, T., Correia, A. R., Lin, D. H., Paduch, M., Lu, V. T., Kossiakoff, A. A. et al. (2015b). Architecture of the nuclear pore complex coat. Science, 347(6226), 1148-1152. [More] [Digital version]
  • Zhong, S. (2015). Optimizing Production of Antigens and Fabs in the Context of Generating Recombinant Antibodies to Human Proteins. PLOS ONE, 10(10), 1-17. [More] [Digital version]

Year: 2014

  • Bailey, L. J., Sheehy, K. M., Hoey, R. J., Schaefer, Z. P., Ura, M. & Kossiakoff, A. A. (2014). Applications for an engineered Protein-G variant with a pH controllable affinity to antibody fragments. Journal of Immunological Methods, 415, 24 - 30. [More] [Digital version]
  • Marcon, E., Ni, Z., Pu, S., Turinsky, A., Trimble, S., Olsen, J. et al. (2014). Human-Chromatin-Related Protein Interactions Identify a Demethylase Complex Required for Chromosome Segregation. Cell Reports, 8(1), 297 - 310. [More] [Digital version]
  • Q, L., S, W., M, P., D, M., A, S., R, M. et al. (2014). Structural mechanism of voltage-dependent gating in an isolated voltage-sensing domain.. , . [More] [Digital version]
  • Welch, B. D., Paduch, M., Leser, G. P., Bergman, Z., Kors, C. A., Paterson, R. G. et al. (2014). Probing the Functions of the Paramyxovirus Glycoproteins F and HN with a Panel of Synthetic Antibodies. Journal of Virology, 88(20), 11713-11725. [More] [Digital version]
  • Wells, J. A. & Kossiakoff, A. A. (2014). New Tricks for an Old Dimer. Science, 344(6185), 703-704. [More] [Digital version]

Year: 2013

  • AK, S., A, M., AC, K., K, X., RI, R., WC, T. et al. (2013). Structure of active β-arrestin-1 bound to a G-protein-coupled receptor phosphopeptide.. Nature, 497(7447), 137-141. [More] [Digital version]
  • M, P., A, K., S, U., SS, R., S, K. & AA, K. (2013). Generating conformation-specific synthetic antibodies to trap proteins in selected functional states. Methods., 60(1), 3-14. [More] [Digital version]

Year: 2012

  • SS, R., A, M., M, P. & AA., K. (2012). Substance P derivatives as versatile tools for specific delivery of various types of biomolecular cargo. Bioconjug Chem, 23(1), 42-46. [More] [Digital version]

Year: 2011

  • S, U., LG, C., DM, C., S, K., AA, K. & E., P. (2011). Mechanism of activation gating in the full-length KcsA K+ channel. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 108(29), 11896-11899. [More] [Digital version]
  • SS, R., M, P., JH, H., EM, D., A, S. & AA, K. (2011). Allosteric control of ligand-binding affinity using engineered conformation-specific effector proteins.. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 18(4), 437-442. [More] [Digital version]
  • Y, K., EM, D., DM, S., NB, S., J, Y., SS, S. et al. (2011). A portable RNA sequence whose recognition by a synthetic antibody facilitates structural determination.. Nat Struct Mol Biol., 18(1), 100-106. [More] [Digital version]

Year: 2010

  • CM, B., S, U., AA, K. & RS, R. (2010). Characterization of engineered actin binding proteins that control filament assembly and structure.. PLoS One, 5(11). [More] [Digital version]
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